Official Website of Almukantarat Astronomy Club

Oficjalna Strona Klubu Astronomicznego Almukantarat

Meetings map

As our main activity we organise numerous meetings for our members and friends, during which the participants share their knowledge and experience, as well as just spend good time together. Below you can view a map of locations in which our meetings took place.

Meetings listed above may be broken down into four categories:

  • Summer camps (‘obozy letnie’, red points) are fortnight-long meetings, for over 20 years organised in a leisure centre near Załęcze Wielkie, Wieluń County and recently also a similar facility near Rączki, Włoszczowa County. Participants live in tents in a beautiful forest and are able to perform astronomical observations due to low light pollution in the area.
  • Winter camps (‘zimowiska’, blue points) are week-long meetings that take place during winter holiday. They have been organised in many places to date, quite often in (or close to) big cities.
  • Seminars (‘seminaria’, green points) are weekend-long meetings organised in spring and autumn (‘wiosenne’ and ‘jesienne’, respectively; see the description bubbles of the points). Their side objective is promotion of tourism, thus they took place in numerous and diverse locations, ranging from big cities to tiny hamlets and mountain huts.
  • Other meetings (yellow points) were among others: foreign trips to total solar eclipse observation sites in Finland (1990), Hungary (1999) and Turkey (2006), jubilee meetings in Załęcze Wielkie, and international projects with astronomy groups from Macedonia and Turkey in Załęcze Wielkie and Kraków. Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw is marked as the place of bi-annual Club Convention, and the formal seat of the Club.

The map, as well as a convenient list of locations, may be viewed in the Google Maps.